Odoo v13.0 Implementation for Sayani Investments Ltd.

The customer
The customer is an private investment holding company with a focus on Property related investments. They have been in operations in East Africa since 1953. The customer engaged SAINATH Solutions Ltd. to help them implement a Business solution to manage their operations.  SAINATH Solutions decided on Odoo v13.0 as the best-fit Business solution to serve the customer's business. 

Implement Odoo v13.0 ERP for the Customer

SAINATH Solutions Ltd.  implemented the Sales, Procurement, Inventory and Accounting apps for the customer. We configured the organization's  Finance, Inventory, Sales and Procurement functions. We conducted a series of functional trainings for the various Business functions - Finance, Inventory, Sales & Procurement teams. We inputted the opening balances for the Balance Sheet a/c's and successfully implemented Odoo v13.0 in the organization. Customer went LIVE on Odoo v13.0 from 01-Jan-2020.