Odoo v10.0 Implementation at Moringa for Life EPZ Ltd.

The customer
The customer is an agri-business that manufactures Tea, Spices & other health-care products from the Moringa Plant. The customer wanted an ERP to support its Business needs. The customer engaged SAINATH Solutions Ltd. to help. The customer had no previous experience in managing an Business solution. SAINATH Solutions decided on Odoo v10.0 as the best-fit ERP to serve the customer's business. We were given the mandate to implement Odoo ERP in the organization.

Institutionalize Odoo ERP in the organization

SAINATH Solutions brought together key stakeholders in a series of workshops to define strategic Business needs. We examined current capabilities in light of future-state goals. The result of these workshops was the Business Process mapping of the customer with respect to Odoo ERP.  We configured the organization's  Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, Quality Control, Sales and Procurement functions in Odoo. We conducted a series of functional trainings for the various Business functions - Finance, Supply Chain, Quality Control, Sales & Procurement teams. We inputted the opening balances for the Balance Sheet a/c's and successfully implemented Odoo in the organization. Customer went LIVE on Odoo v10.0 from 01-Dec-2017.