SYSPRO ERP Engineering for a leading East African paints manufacturer

The customer is a leading manufacturer of industrial paints in Kenya. They have been using SYSPRO ERP for its operations since 1993. Customer was unable to decide whether to persist with SYSPRO or go in for an high end ERP solution viz. SAP or Oracle. The customer bought in SAINATH solutions to suggest a way ahead.

ERP Value Realization 

SAINATH solutions executed an ERP Value Realization assignment for the customer. Some of the major findings were, the customer's Production process was incompletely captured in the ERP. Only the Raw Materials (RM) transferred to the production shop floor and the Finished Goods (FG) receipted in the FG Inventory were captured in the ERP. There was no traceability in the ERP from the FG back to the RM. The Bill of Material (BOM) had numerous duplicate components. Also the BOM couldn't store the historical changes. ERP Inventory couldn't differentiate between a Work In Process (WIP) item and a FG item. The Automated Color Tinting (ACT) business was in a manual state.

SYSPRO ERP Re-engineering

Helped the customer to move from SYSPRO v6.0 to SYSPRO v7.0. Multiple  functional Trainings on the new version was conducted for all users. Chart of Accounts (COA) was re-designed for the customer. BOM was overhauled to remove the duplicate components. ERP was configured to stop Finance users from hitting entries in a closed period. Two key reports – Debtors Aging difference with General Ledger (GL) and Inventory Valuation difference with GL were rectified. Suggested to the customer to validate the performance of SYSPRO v7.0 for a year before making a decision on a high end ERP.